An inside scoop from the life of a pro climber…

My spontaneous
“behind the scenes”


When we finished shooting the videos for my first-ever online course, Bouldering Blueprint, we had a bit of time left, so we let the cameras roll while the crew started asking questions.

Before I knew it, the footage turned into a personal interview where I didn't hold back. It seemed too good not to share!

I ended up talking about…

  • My early climbing heroes and where I unexpectedly ran into one of them
  • Advice I’d give to teenage Magnus if I could go back and do it all again
  • What I learned from beer-bellied old men in France about climbing
  • My first time ever walking into a climbing gym and a bunch more!

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PS: Enrollment for Bouldering Blueprint is currently closed while my team and I support the first group of members going through it. It will reopen for registration in the future, and when you sign up for the interview, you’ll also be the first to receive details about the reopening!